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FOCI Accelerator

Bearing brings together tech startups falling under Foreign Ownership Control and Influence with the Government and Government Resellers to help drive commercial innovation in the Federal marketplace - quickly and securely .
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Bearing provides the required security and anonymity for Government Agencies when dealing with FOCI tech start ups.


US Soil/US Citizen, Gov Cloud Plus, NIST 800-171 Compliant solutions, along with all required government registrations. 


Bearing is an accelerator for FOCI tech start-ups, facilitating a clear path to quickly access Government Agencies - by lowering the barrier and time to entry.


Allows the FOCI OEM to eventually graduate from the accelerator: 

Approach provides visibility to Government clients and sponsors to eventually guide the FOCI OEM through the FOCI/NID process successfully.

Getting There

Gain access to the US Federal Market Place in months rather than years. Realize organic revenue growth with manageable costs based on sales. US Citizen/US Soil Solutions.

Complete Anonymity and Security for Government Agencies

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Security, Anonymity, Expertise 

We come from the Federal Government with a great appreciation and understanding for the need to protect the security and anonymity of these Agencies and missions.

 We are a well-rounded team with technical, support, business and Facility Security Officer (FSO) expertise.

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